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The Adoption Reunion Handbook

by Liz Trinder, Julia Feast, and David Howe

The book describes the experiences that people have had when tracing their birth parents, as well as offering practical advice on how to go about searching and what to expect emotionally. Each section has an advice box which summarizes key points, notes issues to pay particular attention to, or offers draft letters that readers can adapt for their own needs. The appendix contains useful addresses and weblinks, and includes checklists for searching and for the reunion. Chapters include reunion with birth fathers and birth siblings, as well as with birth mothers, the relationship with the adoptive family and dealing with reunions that break down.

Adoptee Author: Liz Trinder

Authors: Julia Feast, David Howe

Publication Year: 2004

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The Adoption Reunion Handbook
The Adoption Reunion Handbook
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