After spending fifty years without personhood or biological identity, Roderick finally finds his birth family. This sets off a series of amazing and yet sometimes sad events. The outcome is not the typical primal wound trauma associated with adoption but rather a bold, in-your-face claim to rightful heritage. A declaration of individuality and self-assertion.

Togethermore: Rejection and Reunion (Adoptee on Adoption Book 1): An adoptee’s account of separation and reunion fifty years later. The struggles of fitting back into a family while trying not to lose all the people around him. Re-abandonment by relatives found while building a relationship that all of us envy.

Gypsy Siblings Adventures: Book 1–Infinity’s Beginning (Adoptee on Adoption 2): RV adventures of two adoptee siblings as they explore the new world of reunion. From their home in Central Florida, surrounded by the Ocala Forest and horse ranches. Everything goes well until the world interrupts.

Gypsy Siblings Adventures: Day Two (Adoptee on Adoption Book 3): Third book in a series about adoptees finding themselves in a world full of misdirection and intentional obfuscation. But more than that, a saga of love and life as it grows before you the reader. With a backdrop of motorhome adventures, accompany reunited adoptees as they explore the universe, the visible and invisible world before us all.

Adoptee Author: Roderick Edwards

Publication Year: 2019-2022

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