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Adoptee: A Childhood of Torment

by Joseph M. Sabol

The true story of an adopted child, abused, beaten, taunted, and humiliated. This book reveals a very different side of the Catholic Ursuline Order of Sisters and of one of the largest Catholic churches in the Cleveland Diocese, St. Charles Catholic Church, during the 1960s. Unlike the priests of the Catholic Church, the abuse of the Ursuline Sisters was not sexual but physical, mental, and verbal. The author spent the first years of his life in abusive foster homes and was eventually adopted through the Catholic Charities of Cleveland, Ohio. This book delves into his search for and discovery of his biological parents. His biological mother was a victim of statutory rape, by a married twenty-eight-year-old man, yet she refused to sign away her parental rights, forcing them to put Joseph in foster care. The constant taunting of some of the kids who lived on Dorothy Avenue in Parma, Ohio, eventually caused extremely violent reactions from Joseph. His propensity for violence forced an evaluation at the Cleveland Clinic for mental illness. His adoptive parents, John and Tilly Sabol, lovingly took Joseph into their home and adopted him. The struggles of raising a severely abused child proved to be a challenging task which the Sabols refused to give up on. The values of a good Christian family and tough discipline eventually broke the cycle of violence. Joseph went on to graduate from high school, and then Penn State University with two degrees in Business as well as a Graduate Degree in Medicine from the Biosystems Institue for Respiratory Therapy in Phoenix, Arizona. Joseph no longer practices Respiratory Therapy but enjoyed a hobby of breeding some of the best lines of Doberman Pinschers in the world. Joseph still lives in Parma with his wife and Doberman Pinscher.

Adoptee Author: Joseph M. Sabol

Publication Year: 2013

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Adoptee-A Childhood of Torment
Adoptee-A Childhood of Torment
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